JR Nutrition

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is a journey. It can be challenging to make the right decisions with so many conflicting messages about what is best for our bodies. Every person is unique and there is no one size fits all.

I focus on introducing small changes to everyday life for maximum long-term benefits. Making real health simpler, clearer and easier to implement. Providing clients with the tools and knowledge to improve health and therefore happiness and productivity.

Educating and empowering you for a happier, healthier future. 

Joanna Rowe is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, graduating with distinction from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London.

I am passionate about practical, collaborative working. I aim to share my knowledge and expertise to help you improve your everyday habits.

A healthy lifestyle does not need to be overwhelming.


Corporate Wellness

Offering wellness programmes for busy professionals to encourage positive dietary behaviours. 

One-to-one consultations

No two bodies or lifestyles are the same, I work on bespoke, personalised nutrition plans. 

Group Sessions

Empowering employees with the skills, techniques and knowledge to improve their health, happiness and productivity.

I focus on a client-centred approach, acknowledging there is no one size fits all.

Through functional nutrition, I seek to identify and address the underlying causes of health issues, not just the symptoms.

Taking into consideration nutrition, lifestyle, environmental triggers and genetics to create easy-to-implement strategies to achieve ultimate well-being.

Real health is observable vitality not just the absence of disease.