What Should You Expect

Getting Started


What Should you Expect?

    Individualised nutrition and lifestyle programmes

    Empowering you to instill small changes for long-term benefits

    Educating you through evidence-based recommendations 

    Making health simpler, clearer and easier to implement 

    How it Works

    Getting Started

    A personalised nutrition programme tailored to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health.

    Debunking the fads and trends of the wellness world to create individualised plans by incorporating sustainable changes to your everyday life. 


    Discovery Call

    A free 15 minute call which serves as a chance to ask questions and see if this is right for you.


    Pre Consultation

    If you would like to work together, you will be sent a health questionnaire and food diary in advance of our meeting to complete.


    Initial consultation

    A 60-minute consultation to discuss your health and medical history. This combined with the completed questionnaire and food diary will allow me to create a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme with supplements and testing referrals if required. 


    Follow-up Consultation

    30-minute follow up booked in 4-6 weeks post initial consultation to review progress as well as make any adjustments and discuss next steps.

    Cancellation policy. Please note that payment must be made prior to the consultation and 24 hours cancellation is required or full payment will be taken. 

    A consultation is not a replacement for medical advice. Please see your GP for any health concerns.

    The information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and it is not medical advice.


    Amy, 41, Kent, Insomnia

    Jo has been empathetic as well as thoughtful to build a plan that suits me specifically. I work later into the evenings and had got into bad habits which we addressed one at a time so I never found anything too overwhelming. By eating 3 balanced meals a day and making simple lifestyle switches I have improved my sleep dramatically and along with it my mood has improved and I have lost a few kilos which had started to creep on. 

    Katie, 43, London, Nausea and Migraines

    I have been trying various diets and supplements to try and help my migraines and Jo listened thoroughly to all avenues I have looked at. She provided a plan that was achievable for me day to day and incorparated recipes which I found satisfying and easy to cook. My symptoms have dramatically reduced since altering my diet and I am not relying on medications nearly as much. 

    James, 38, London, Reflux and Bloating

    Since incorporating dietary changes suggested by Jo I have been able to go out to restaurants again and enjoy food without worrying about the side effects which I would usually suffer from. My reflux has reduced along with bloating and digestive issues and I have had more energy as a result.